Activate your eJay software

To use the full and unlimited functionality of your eJay program, it is necessary to activate the software. In the program you will find information on how many days you can still use the program without activation. It is best to take before the activation immediately after installation. The activation can be quickly and easily by entering your serial number and your e-mail address made ​​directly in the program. Refer to the Help or the Program Guide.

If it is not with the activation times should work to help you can:

  • make a mistake when entering your e-mail address and noticed too late?
    No problem, "repeated activation of the correct e-mail address" easy to and enter your serial number and the correct e-mail address in. Shortly after you receive your activation key by e-mail.
    activation with correct e-mail address

  • you never received an activation code but entered the correct email address
    Please make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet if you want to perform the activation. If you do get after about half an hour, no e-mail, first check your spam folder. If the activation e-mail and there is not, repeat the request by clicking the "Resend My Activation Code".
    resend activation code