FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Graphic Error

A: Please check the manufacturer of your graphics card for a newer driver version available. If this does not solve the problems, then please try a different video resolution of the screen. For example, 1280x1024.

Q: Installation Problems

A: For installation problems please re-start the computer and run the installer again. If problems remain then please try a very simple installation path, such as "c:\ejay" or "d:\ejay". Please also check that you have enough free disk space available and have administrator privileges. (limited user rights could prevent the installation).

Q: I have not received activation code, despite a correct e-mail address.

A:  Please make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet if you want to perform the activation. If you do not get after about half an hour e-mail, first check your spam folder. If there is not the activation e-mail, repeat the request by clicking the "Resend My Activation Code" button.

activation code request again

Q: I have entered the wrong email address.

A:  No problem, click "activate repeat with correct e-mail address" and simply enter your serial number and the correct e-mail address in. Shortly after this, you receive your activation key by e-mail.

activation with correct email address again